The Association for
Management Information Systems

The Memphis chapter of AIS (Association for Information Systems)
Who We Are
  • AMIS is a registered student organization open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in a career in information technology.
  • The mission of AMIS is to introduce students into the IT profession and to provide students with opportunities that will enhance their educational and social development as an IT professional.
What We Do
  • We host professional events: field trips & guest speakers
  • We host social events: pizza parties
  • We participate in technology competitions
When We Meet
  • Thursday, Sept 7th, 4-6pm @ FIT – VR demo
  • Friday, Sept 21st 1:30 to 3pm @ IP Data Ctr
  • Wednesday, Oct 24th, 4- 5:20pm @ FCB 300
  • Wednesday, Nov 7th, 4-5:20pm @ FCB 300
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Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Margaret Schultz